I have some UILabels whose backgroundColor are white or red, and opaque are all YES.

But when the Color Blended Layers option is selected in Simulator, these UILabels are marked as red instead of green.

What else options can cause these?

My code is as followed:

- (instancetype)initWithStyle:(UITableViewCellStyle)style reuseIdentifier:(NSString *)reuseIdentifier {
    if (self = [super initWithStyle:style reuseIdentifier:reuseIdentifier]) {
        self.senderNameLabel = [UILabel mt_labelWithFont:FONT(17) andColor:COLOR_NAV_TITLE];
        self.senderNameLabel.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
        [self.contentView addSubview:self.senderNameLabel];

        self.actionTextLabel = [UILabel mt_labelWithFont:FONT(15) andColor:COLOR_NAV_TITLE];
        self.actionTextLabel.numberOfLines = 5;
        self.actionTextLabel.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
        [self.contentView addSubview:self.actionTextLabel];

        self.notifyDateLabel = [UILabel mt_labelWithFont:FONT(12) andColor:COLOR_NAV_TITLE];
        self.notifyDateLabel.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
        [self.contentView addSubview:self.notifyDateLabel];

        [self setLayoutConstraints];
    return self;

- (void)setLayoutConstraints {
    CGFloat offsetX = 70;
    CGFloat offsetY = 15;
    CGFloat maxWidth = SCALE_WITH_RATIO(180);
    [self.senderNameLabel mas_makeConstraints:^(MASConstraintMaker *make) {

    offsetY = 12.5;
    maxWidth = SCALE_WITH_RATIO(180);
    [self.actionTextLabel mas_makeConstraints:^(MASConstraintMaker *make) {

    offsetY = 10;
    CGFloat bottomOffsetY = -15;
    [self.notifyDateLabel mas_makeConstraints:^(MASConstraintMaker *make) {

- (void)prepareForReuse {
    [super prepareForReuse];

    self.senderNameLabel.text = nil;
    self.actionTextLabel.text = nil;
    self.notifyDateLabel.text = nil;

- (void)updateWithMessageModel:(MTUserMessageModel *)model {
    self.senderNameLabel.text = model.senderName;
    self.actionTextLabel.text = model.actionText;
    self.notifyDateLabel.text = model.notifyDate;

The helper method for UILabel generation is as follow:

+ (UILabel *)mt_labelWithFont:(UIFont *)font andColor:(UIColor *)color {
    UILabel *label = [UILabel new];
    label.font = font;
    label.textColor = color;
    return label;

The snapshot from simulator is as follow enter image description here


Just find a solution:

titleLabel.clipsToBounds = YES;
titleLabel.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];

Then it become green again.

I found the link that says when displaying Chinese UILabel will have an extra sublayer.

Say if you have a UILabel instance called titleLabel. Setting text with Chinese or English, and check the sublayers using debug command:

po [[titleLabel layer] sublayers]
  • @xi.lin Is there a solution after all? Or Chinese characters have to stay in red? – Joe Huang Feb 10 '16 at 6:24
  • @JoeHuang I think currently it is how the UILabel works. Maybe you can tried some other way to show text. I didn't make experiments on core text and something else. – xi.lin Feb 13 '16 at 16:42
  • @xi.lin nice finding, great! – Joe Huang Apr 1 '16 at 10:11

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