I am trying to set up Flask-Debugtoolbar, but I get the message "DebugToolBar requires a SECRET_KEY". Where do I get the secret key?


The secret key is needed to keep the client-side sessions secure. You can generate some random key as below:

>>> import os
>>> os.urandom(24)

Just take that key and copy/paste it into your config file

SECRET_KEY = '\xfd{H\xe5<\x95\xf9\xe3\x96.5\xd1\x01O<!\xd5\xa2\xa0\x9fR"\xa1\xa8'

See Sessions documentation

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    In python 3, if you prefer a plain string (to store in a JSON file, for example), you can convert to a hex string: import os; print(os.urandom(24).hex()) – Daniel Waltrip Aug 23 '18 at 19:14

Get the random string for secret key:

Method 1: Use os in Python 2/3:

>>> import os
>>> os.urandom(12)

Method 2: Use uuid in Python 2/3:

>>> import uuid
>>> uuid.uuid4().hex

Method 3: Use secrets in Python >= 3.6:

>>> import secrets
>>> secrets.token_urlsafe(16)

Method 4: Use os in Python 3:

>>> import os
>>> os.urandom(12).hex()

Set secret key in Flask

Method 1: Use app.secret_key:

app.secret_key = 'the random string'

Method 2: Use app.config:

app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = 'the random string'    

Method 3: Put it in your config file:

SECRET_KEY = 'the random string'

In order to use session in flask you need to set the secret key in your application settings. secret key is a random key used to encrypt your cookies and save send them to the browser.

This error is because of this line in the Flask-Debugtoolbar code

To fix this you just need to set a SECRET_KEY in your config file.

app.config['SECRET_KEY'] = "Your_secret_string"

or if you have a config file just add below config to it:

SECRET_KEY = "Your_secret_string"

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