I found this article:


I created a child theme using the Twentyten theme as a parent. I am trying to have the WYSIWYG editor use a custom stylesheet.

I added this to my functions.php file:


Then I created an editor-style.css file in my child theme's folder and added this:

html .mceContentBody {

When I go to the WYSIWYG editor and use firebug to check the css that is affecting the .mceContentBody element, I can see that is using my stylesheet, but it is being overrriden by the default editor-style.css sheet from the twentyten theme.

How can I force it to use my editor-style.css file and not the default one?





assuming that your custom css is in your template's root folder.


Try redeclaring twentyten_setup in your theme's functions.php file. Just copy and paste the whole function from twentyten to your theme.


Check your CSS for errors. I spent hours pulling my hair out wondering why wordpress wasn't using my stylesheet. It wasn't even getting included. Turns out i had an extra { in my css.

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