I always use LinearLayout and RelativeLayouts, and i was reading about the "new" PercentRelativeLayout. I have a few questions:

  • Should i always start using this one or only in cases of nested weights with linearlayout?

  • Is this more performant than the others?

Any other information about PercentRelativeLayout it will be welcome.



Looking at the source code, a PercentRelativeLayout is basically a minor extension of a RelativeLayout. This means you need to make the same considerations as when you choose between a RelativeLayout and LinearLayout.

  • RelativeLayout needs 2 measure passes -> avoid using it as the root of a deep view hierarchy or nesting multiple RelativeLayouts (more info in this stackoverflow post)
  • Layout weights in LinearLayout also require 2 measure passes -> try to replace these constructs as much as possible with one Relative/GridLayout (more info in this stackoverflow post)

Finally it is worth noting that:

  • Don't optimise unless you have a problem
  • Try to keep your hierarchies as flat as possible

is just a extension of RelativeLayout so i think:

1) u should use it in case of nested weights with linearlayout as they are bad for performance

2)No,but depends on your useCase. For ex:-it has less performance than LinearLayout and RelativeLayout but more than LinearLayout with nested weight

Also u can refer this post from android developer: http://developer.android.com/training/improving-layouts/optimizing-layout.html


Try PercentRelativeLayout and PercentFrameLayout of Percent Support Library


here you can find best comparison for both layouts.

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