I want a javascript way to move an element one place up or down in the dom tree within a particular known parent using javascript (or jquery is ok), but i want the script to know when an element is the first or last element within the parent and not be moved. for example, if i have the following ...

<div id='parent_div'>
    <div id='div_1'></div>
    <div id='div_2'></div>
    <div id='div_3'></div>

on click of a button, i want to pass a known id (let's say div_2) and move it up to the position above it, swapping its position with the element that was previously before it (in this case div_1). The ids of the elements don't have to change, and their new position doesn't need to be known, at least not unless they are moved again.


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With jQuery:

var e = $("#div_2");
// move up:
// move down:
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    thanks! i can then use next() to move it down, and then remove() to remove the old item Jan 21, 2016 at 1:59

Move element "up":

  element.parentNode.insertBefore(element, element.previousElementSibling);

Move element "down":

  element.parentNode.insertBefore(element.nextElementSibling, element);

function moveUp(element) {
    element.parentNode.insertBefore(element, element.previousElementSibling);
function moveDown(element) {
    element.parentNode.insertBefore(element.nextElementSibling, element);
document.querySelector('ul').addEventListener('click', function(e) {
  if(e.target.className === 'down') moveDown(e.target.parentNode);
  else if(e.target.className === 'up') moveUp(e.target.parentNode);
.up, .down        { cursor: pointer; }
.up:after         { content: '△'; }
.up:hover:after   { content: '▲'; }
.down:after       { content: '▽'; }
.down:hover:after { content: '▼'; }
  <li>1<span class="up"></span><span class="down"></span></li>
  <li>2<span class="up"></span><span class="down"></span></li>
  <li>3<span class="up"></span><span class="down"></span></li>
  <li>4<span class="up"></span><span class="down"></span></li>
  <li>5<span class="up"></span><span class="down"></span></li>

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    Plus 1 for vanilla JavaScript
    – Robin
    Jun 24, 2021 at 23:12

You can use JQuery's built in .index() method to get the location of a child element and get the .length value form a parent element to find out the number of elements.

If index comes back 0, it is the first element, if the index comes back parent element length -1 then you know it is the last element.

For moving the elements them self you can use .insertBefore and .prev to move an element up.

    var elm = $("selector_for_the_element");

For moving an elemetn down then you can use insertAfter and .next

    var elm = $("selector_for_the_element");

Get all the child div with parent div id (#parent_div) using $.each function of jQuery. suppose you want to swap div3 with div2, then index of div3 will be 2. use $(#div_3).insertBefore(#div_2)

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