i create a new class which inherite the IResourceProvider,and register it in web.config

<globalization resourceProviderFactoryType="xx.xxx.xxxx" uiCulture="auto" enableClientBasedCulture="true"/>

this new class just implement

public GetObject(string resourceKey, CultureInfo culture)

which will get globalization text from my own db.

question is how i can use it in validation Attribute, such as below syntax:

[StringLength(5, ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(Global), ErrorMessageResourceName = "StringLength")]  
public string StringLength { get; set; }  

and also how use it in view directly? in classic web form, i can just use

<asp:Literal ID="test" runat="server" Text="<%$ resources:Text,123 %>"></asp:Literal>



and also how use it in view directly?

You should be able to reference your resource class in the view with something like this:

<%: xx.xxx.xxxx.IdOfString >

If you don't want to fully qualify the class/namespace on each view you can declare the xx.xxx.xxxx namespace on your web.config under the pages/namespaces section and then you could use:

<%: xxxx.IdOfString %>
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