I just signed up for google cloud and I would like to track my costs in real time or at least by the hour.

From the documentation costs are incurred in 10-minute bundles but I cannot view costs incurred in my Billings area.


Just spent way to much time with support to find this:

  • goto Reports tab in GCE
  • click Group by SKU
  • uncheck Credits > Discounts, One time credits
  • click Daily and change to Daily Cumulative
  • exhale

There is also a breakdown of charges so far in the each month under Transactions tab that is less useful.

enter image description here

  • Is GCP on purpose trying to be like this... So far all I have is bad things to say about it... It's so convoluted, GPU quotas are being rejected and finding help is a B-word.
    – agent18
    Dec 15 '20 at 15:57
  • This answer makes sense, this information is not available on anywhere in GC Documentation.
    – SuperEye
    Oct 22 '21 at 23:04

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