I'm trying to edit a website which uses a modx cms, and it's using Markdown. Now I would like to open a new link into another window.

Is it possible?

The Link [Registration](http://www.registration.com)

There is no such feature in markdown, however you can always use HTML inside markdown:

<a href="http://example.com/" target="_blank">example</a>
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    Thank you for the reply. I also noticed that there is no feature in Markdown. I find it quite not friendly user – tintincutes May 2 '11 at 9:27
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    Markdown provides shorthand for the most common features of HTML. One of its best features is that you can always fallback to the full syntax for HTML. This includes doing things that aren't included in markdown. Personally, I like that markdown is concise and includes very little fluff. It makes it easier to learn the whole set of shorthand. This is particularly important if you expect someone else to read your code later. – justis Feb 20 '12 at 2:33
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    This is pretty old now, but it should absolutely be mentioned that you can NOT always fall back to html - I suspect that MOST places that support markdown don't support html. <a href="Proof" target="_blank">Proof</a> – Maverick May 22 '15 at 7:17
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    Just tried this on Github and it does not work as expected. Looks like they strip out the target="_blank" upon rendering for some reason. Thanks Github! – Brian FitzGerald Dec 29 '16 at 17:32
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    @Qix: There are reasons WIndows is popular, too, but I don't find those very compelling either. And considering the answer to so many 'how do I do this in MarkDown' questions is 'use HTML, since MarkDown supports it', the security risk argument doesn't make sense. Numerous social media and forum sites support HTML and they don't seem particularly prone to security issues. I'm happy to try to reach agreement with you, but this isn't the right place. Feel free to invite me to a more appropriate forum. – Michael Scheper Jul 6 '17 at 23:08

As suggested by this answer:


Works for jekyll or more specifically kramdown, which is a superset of markdown, as part of Jekyll's (default) configuration. But not for plain markdown. ^_^

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    So what's the problem ? Anyway, that works great in Jekyll, thanks ! – c4k Nov 14 '15 at 15:14
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    This is becoming fairly standard syntax. It's supported by Jekyll, Pelican, and pandoc. – fredcallaway Jun 6 '16 at 19:07
  • Works a treat with pelican==3.6.3 which depends on Jinja2==2.8, Markdown==2.6.6, and MarkupSafe==0.23 – iainH Dec 23 '16 at 19:27
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    Doesn't work in TFS 2018 Wiki pages – klewis Nov 2 '18 at 14:39
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    for markdown-it [link](url){target="_blank"} – regevbr Jun 16 '20 at 16:22

Using sed

If one would like to do this systematically for all external links, CSS is no option. However, one could run the following sed command once the (X)HTML has been created from Markdown:

sed -i 's|href="http|target="_blank" href="http|g' index.html

This can be further automated in a single workflow when a Makefile with build instructions is employed.

PS: This answer was written at a time when extension link_attributes was not yet available in Pandoc.


It is very dependent of the engine that you use for generating html files. If you are using Hugo for generating htmls you have to write down like this:

<a href="https://example.com" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><span>Example Text</span> </a>.

You can edit the generated markup and add

target = "_blank"

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