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Pom.xml have this elements and I am curious why do we need exclude commons-logging from spring-core? And how do it works?

<!-- next is log4j dependencie -->

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I have seen and done the similar things before, the reason is simple:

To exclude commons-logging library because I want to use log4j instead.

So you tell maven to not include the unnecessary library, and to do that use < exclusion >.


You are probably using a different version of commons-logging in your program than the one that is defined by spring-core 3.0.5.RELEASE. Check the dependecies of your program and see if there is another commons-logging defined.


In the example above spring-core itself has a dependency on commons-logging so it will pull that jar into the project. For what ever reason the user did not want the commons-logging that comes with spring-core, they may want to use another version.

It is possible to have 2 dependencies which have sub dependencies that clash with each other, although I would say this is rare. Usually excludes can be used sparingly.

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