Today I wanted to export my snippets from chrome.

I found Information from 2013: https://github.com/bgrins/devtools-snippets/issues/28#issuecomment-27455522

I opened the DevTools -> to sperate Window -> Inspect the Devtools Itself

Then in Console:

->var stringifiedSnippets = localStorage.getItem('scriptSnippets');

I tested Chrome 48 (windows), Chromium 45(ubuntu) and a Friends Chrome on his Macbook. How can I access my Snippets.

Has the API changed? Or am I making a mistake here. Thanks.

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Yes, the internals have changed. Your code should change to the following:

InspectorFrontendHost.getPreferences(function(prefs) {
InspectorFrontendHost.getPreferences(function(prefs) {
This code works perfectly in chrome version 51.0.2704.103
  • I'm sorry. I can use InspectorFrontendHost class opening another inspector following the way explained by this question this topic is very nice for me thanks!
    – tkowt
    Jun 28, 2016 at 5:25

For those who arrive here and find the accepted answer is no longer working, here is a way to access your snippets as of May 2022 Chrome 101.

  1. Type chrome://version/ on a free tab in your Chrome browser.
  2. Check the "Profile Path:" which should be something like /home/your_user/.config/google-chrome/Default for Ubuntu based OSs.
  3. Find the Preferences file under that path and open it in a text editor. It's a big and messy JSON file. If you are making a new install at a different machine with a fresh Chrome installation then you may just copy this whole Preferences file under the same location in the new machine and i think your Chrome installation should have all the snippets from the original. Otherwise...
  4. Search for (Ctrl+f) "scriptSnippets" property including the quotes.
  5. I believe the snippets are in the order they are created. So not alphabetical like you see them in the snippets list.
  6. My list ends with "scriptSnippets_lastIdentifier":"142" property which means I must have created 142 snippets so far, some removed some remaining.
  7. Copy everything starting from "scriptSnippets":"[... up to ...}]" excluding "scriptSnippets_lastIdentifier":"142" or search for the snippet of your interest by it's name and copy only that portion.

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