For experiment/user study purpose, I need to keep my screen on for few minutes.
I have follow the guide from http://developer.android.com/training/wearables/apps/always-on.html and it works partially for my purpose.
The code allows my screen always on BUT it will enter ambient mode after few seconds. I DO NOT want ambient mode.

My trick is I commented out onEnterAmbient(), onUpdateAmbient() and onExitAmbient().
So that my screen drawing is still the same color (not changing to black & white).
HOWEVER the screen is DIMMED darker when entering ambient mode.
I don't want the DIMMED effect, I need to keep my screen as bright as possible for the duration of my user study.

Anyone has any clue?


You may try


in your activity's onCreate() or use


in your activity's layout. See this training material for details.

  • ok it works. Actually I realized that before they release the ambient mode thing, I was using android:keepScreenOn="true" and it works well. But after I upgrade to use the new ambient mode feature, I suffer from the dimming problem. Anyway thanks for saving my day!
    – tcboy88
    Jan 24 '16 at 2:55

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