Each time I push to Github, it appears to trigger two Travis CI builds - one for the PR and one for the Push itself. They also appear to be separate builds, judging by the links.

What's the exact difference between the two, and how can I enable it so that only one runs?

travis ci build


You can uncheck either building pushes or PRs in the TravisCI settings for the repository: settings SS

The difference between them is:

  • /pr builds automerged state (as if you merged the PR and ran the tests on that, note: it won't run if the PR can't be automerged).
  • /push builds for the current state of the branch you pushed to (as if you ran the tests on your local copy you just pushed),
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What's happening in your scenario looks like this:

continuous-integration/travis-ci/push - only run test on branch

continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr - merge and run tests

And this is completely okay - but if you want to get rid of one of the builds you need to disable Build pushes or Build pull requests in your project settings on Travis.





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