I have a folder that contains 32 folders, each with several image files. I would like to move all of these image files into one main folder. I know how to do that manually, folder by folder. Is there an automated command-line way to do that? I have Crunchbang Waldorf, and usually use PCmanFM as a file manager.


if all these images have one extension, for instance .jpg:

find /directory/You/Want/To/Search -name "*.jpg" -exec cp -t /destination/directory {} +

Note: just make sure that all these images have one unique name otherwise this command would break


if you don't know what are the images extensions you could just do that one:

 find /directory/You/Want/To/Search -regex ".*\.\(jpg\|gif\|png\|jpeg\)" -exec cp -t /destination/directory {} +

/*/ stands for directories.

mv /path/from/*/*.jpg /path/main/

  • Btw, mv will warn you for duplicated names, it will let you know which copied to main dir, then you may check directories whic duplicated and didn't copied. @яша's command will work better if images are in tenuous nested levels.
    – FZE
    Jan 24 '16 at 23:42
  • thank you, it worked. But to maintain the proper order of the image files, I would have to remove the first three characters of each filename. How would I do that?
    – Oposum
    Jan 25 '16 at 5:31

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