I am trying to create a code that does search and returns its array location when I type the search name. The following code works ('Ned' correctly displays value of 1):

array1 = ['Lucky', 'Ned', "Dusty'"]
counter = 0

name = 'Ned'
array1.each do |lookup|
  if lookup == name
    puts counter
  counter += 1

However, when I use return counter in the place of puts counter, the code returns error. Here is the error code:

unexpected return
(repl):7:in `block in initialize'
(repl):5:in `each'
(repl):5:in `initialize'

I don't understand why it says initialize. I do not understand why it works with puts and does not work with return. Will someone explain why it cannot return the value while it successfully prints it?


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Because return is a way to escape from a method (definition). You don't have a method definition anywhere. You can use break for that purpose.

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