With Gatling 2, is it possible to repeat with connection re-use? How?

I have the below code, but it appears to open new connection every time. I want to maintain x connections for some time.

val httpProtocol = http

val uri1 = "http://mysrv.pvt"

val scn = scenario("Simulation").repeat(50){
        pause(2 seconds,20 seconds).


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First, your question is not accurate enough.

By default, Gatling has one connection pool per virtual user, so each of them do re-use connections between sequential requests, and can have more than one concurrent connection when dealing with resource fetching, which you do as you enabled inferHtmlResources. This way, virtual users behave as independent browsers.

You can change this behavior and share a common connection pool, see doc. However, you have to make sure this makes sense in your case. Your workload profile will be very different, the toll on the TCP stack on both the client/Gatling and the server/your app will be way less, so make sure that's how your application is being used in production.

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    Hmm .. ok .. As I said end goal is to maintain 20k connections for few minutes with occasional requests .. I did try shareConnections; but then instead of 20K connections there were only 300 or so .. which is probably as designed since the doc says users will share the connections.
    – saugata
    Jan 25, 2016 at 12:08
  • You pause between 2 and 20 seconds, so there's a very good chance your server will close idle connections between consecutive requests. Jan 25, 2016 at 12:12

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