In my playbooks, I SSH in as a non-root user, then use become to become root.

What is the Ansible variable name that stores the user that originally SSH'd into the box?

In Ansible < 2.0, I could use {{ ansible_ssh_user }} to access the username SSH'ing into the box.

Just tried with Ansible 2.0.2 and that returns null. I tried ansible_user as suggested by the FAQ, but that also returns null. I also tried ansible_user_id, but that returns the result of become, not the original user.


You can accesss this via ansible_env.SUDO_USER.

I tried a number of other variables, and almost all of them changed their values as soon as I used become on the remote node.


{{ ansible_user }} does actually work fine for me with Ansible 2.5:

  - root
  - "{{ ansible_user }}"

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