How can I escape an apostrophe inside a SQL query in Google Sheets?

Here's my function:

=QUERY(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("XXXXXXX", "XXXXXX!A1:C"),"SELECT * WHERE Col2 = 'Woman's blabla: blablabla'"),"SELECT Col1, Col2")

I've tried adding another apostrophe:

=QUERY(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("XXXXXXX", "XXXXXX!A1:C"),"SELECT * WHERE Col2 = 'Woman''s blabla: blablabla'"),"SELECT Col1, Col2")

No luck.. and I've tried putting a backslash, no luck as well:

=QUERY(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("XXXXXXX", "XXXXXX!A1:C"),"SELECT * WHERE Col2 = 'Woman/'s blabla: blablabla'"),"SELECT Col1, Col2")

EDIT: The locale of the document is UK.

  • it looks like your using a forward slash in your example instead of a backslash Jan 25 '16 at 15:32
  • I've tried both.. no luck Jan 25 '16 at 17:17

Try using double quotes around the word with the apostrophe

"SELECT * WHERE Col2 = ""Woman's blabla: blablabla"""
  • Edited my answer.. try again ? If if still doesn't work, can you share some sample data ?
    – JPV
    Jan 25 '16 at 19:19
  • This syntax is difficult to understand for me, but I just assumed that If I substituted the text for a variable (named/range) it was going to be fine, and it is. this is the same statement with the variable: "SELECT * WHERE C="""&Enemy&""""
    – White_King
    Jan 19 at 9:03

If the string you're trying to match is in a cell, try surrounding the cell name with """" like so:

=QUERY(Foo!A:B,"select A where B = " & """" & A1 & """" & "")

  • There's a slightly simpler version of this too: =QUERY(A:B, "SELECT A WHERE B = """ & C1 & """"). Note 4x quotes at the end.
    – Ryan Cole
    Nov 16 '20 at 23:31

Try substituting the double quotes in the source data through the function, you may need to swap out some of the quotes i added - I dont know what the text your searching for actually looks like in your source data:

=QUERY(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("XXXXXXX", SUBSTITUTE("XXXXXX!A1:C","""","'")),"SELECT * WHERE Col2 = 'Woman's blabla: blablabla'"),"SELECT Col1, Col2")



Trying to generate an output like SELECT * WHERE Col2 = "Woman's blabla: blablabla" seems to be a valid solution. However, as mentioned, escaping characters with backslash \ does not work for Google Sheets.

Searching for a workaround, I came across this link. It suggests using char(34) in place of double quotes, which is the working solution for me.

Accordingly, you can write

=QUERY(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("XXXXXXX", "XXXXXX!A1:C"),"SELECT * WHERE Col2 = " & char(34) & "Woman's blabla: blablabla" & char(34)),"SELECT Col1, Col2")

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