I would like to delete repair / modify buttons from Add or Remove Programs.

I would also like to use WixUI_InstallDir Dialog Set.

This is my code:

    <UIRef Id="WixUI_InstallDir"/>

<Property Id="ARPNOREPAIR" Value="yes" Secure="yes" />
<Property Id="ARPNOMODIFY" Value="yes" Secure="yes" />

But this causes

error LGHT0091 : Duplicate symbol 'Property:ARPNOMODIFY' found

I understand that WixUI_InstallDir defines these properties and the only decision I see is to define my own UI that is similar to WixUI_InstallDir except for these properties. But is this the only way? Can I overwrite these properties somehow?


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Yes, use setproperty.

<SetProperty Id="ARPNOMODIFY" Value="1" After="InstallValidate" Sequence="execute"/>

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