I have developing a map app by using Google Maps Android API. I used Google Maps Android API Utility Library for adding a GeoJSON layer (in polygon geometry).

String gj = loadJSONfromAssets();
GeoJsonLayer layer = new GeoJsonLayer(mMap, gj);

And also added a WMS layer as TileOverlay. I want map objects selectable. For example users can click on map objects (GeoJSON layer) and get their attributes. About this case I just found that only objects like Point, Polyline, Polygon can have click events. My question is: how can i set this event for all objects in a layer (GeoJSON layer).


I found the example provided at https://github.com/googlemaps/android-maps-utils/blob/master/demo/src/com/google/maps/android/utils/demo/GeoJsonDemoActivity.java had a feature on click listener

// Demonstrate receiving features via GeoJsonLayer clicks.
    layer.setOnFeatureClickListener(new GeoJsonLayer.GeoJsonOnFeatureClickListener() {
        public void onFeatureClick(GeoJsonFeature feature) {
                    "Feature clicked: " + feature.getProperty("title"),
  • This causes the layer to intercept clicks even outside of a polygon – public static void Oct 27 '16 at 9:00

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