I'm trying to figure out xlwings. I have the following python code:

from xlwings import xlfunc
from datetime import timedelta, datetime

def convert(gmt):

    gmtValue = datetime(int(gmt[6:10]), int(gmt[3:5]), int(gmt[0:2]), int(gmt[11:13]), int(gmt[14:16]), int(gmt[17:19]))
    localTime = gmtValue - timedelta(seconds=(6*3600))
    return localTime

All it does is take a time stamp string such as 05/01/2016 14:25:56 GMT and pulls off the GMT and converts it into local time (central time for the US.) I'm trying to use that code along with:

Sub convertToLocal()
    RunPython(“import converToLocal; convertToLocal.convert(gmt)”)
End Sub

To make a user defined function but Excel doesn't seem to recognize the python code even though I have the xlwings.bas module imported. The only error I get is “Compile error: Expected end of Statement.” Which I think just means Excel doesn't recognize the python code. Any idea how to fix it? Also, what is the correct way to pass the contents of a cell into the python code?


RunPython and the decorator syntax are two different approaches. To do user defined functions with decorators, follow the guide here. You ll need to import those function with the add-in, no RunPython needed.

  • Now I'm getting a "runtime error '53': File not found xlwings32.dll." When I run ImportPythonUDFs. I checked in the folder C:\Anaconda3 and it's not there, just xlwings64.dll. I tried "conda uninstall xlwings" and then reinstalling but the 32 still isn't there. – Joe Smith Jan 26 '16 at 14:55
  • You're right, there seems to be an issue with the latest conda package. Please just install it with pip until this is fixed with the conda package. – Felix Zumstein Jan 26 '16 at 16:57
  • Thanks!! That did it. Or at least the error I'm getting now has to do with astimezone() and nothing to do with xlwings as I'm getting it in a Excel cell. – Joe Smith Jan 26 '16 at 19:11
  • Apparently, conda packages are now also fixed, use: conda update xlwings – Felix Zumstein Jan 28 '16 at 21:27

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