Is there a network-level IP address blocking/blacklist capability to a Google Compute Engine instance? For example, a site is hosted on a GCE instance to allow public users access. However, a malicious script runs several times/second which is not legitimate traffic. Ideally, the IP of the offending user could be placed on a block list so traffic would not be routed to the instance, rather than just server side only mechanism (apache modules, IPtables, etc) which still requires CPU/RAM/disk resources.


You can setup an HTTP load balancer for your instances, and allow traffic only from the LB IP address to your instances. More information can be found in this Help Center article.

  • what if the traffic is not HTTP based? like a game server with custom UDP packet format? – Nick Sep 5 '17 at 4:27

GCP does not provide WAF natively. You can use marketplace WAF (like Brocade WAF) to block IPs.



Yes you can block it using Gcloud Firewall.

Try creating the firewall rule from the command line or by logging into Google Cloud.


gcloud compute firewall-rules create tcp-deny --network example-network --source-ranges --allow !tcp:80

Above Rule will block the range to port 80 (tcp). Same can be done to block other IP Ranges over tcp and udp.

For more info check this: glcoud network config

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