I want to change an area to max overflow:scroll only if ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb is supported.

Is that possible somehow in pure CSS? As it seems @supportsonly checks rules, no selectors.


You are correct. @supports only deals with property-value combinations. The only way you could do this in pure CSS is with a CSS hack targeting browsers that support ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb. (Not enough browsers support @supports for it to be useful in checking support for ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb anyway.)


You can now use @supports selector() to target pseudoelements. Here is a relevant example for your use case:

@supports selector(::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb) {

    .scroll-container {
        overflow: scroll


Please see this JSFiddle, which demonstrates browser support for ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb in

  1. Chrome 86
  2. Edge 87
  3. Opera 72

but not

  1. Firefox 82
  2. Safari 12

As of December 2020, browser support for @supports selector is roughly 72%.


Adding up to the previous answer, you can just write the pseudo selector, if a browser doesnt support the prop, it will skip the css declaration.

For example:


won't be seen by older browsers.


This is what I used to identify Webkit browsers. It's the most specific pseudo selector I could find that no other engine seems to have (yet):


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