what is the correct way to do a bulk insertOrUpdate in Slick 3.0?

I am using MySQL where the appropriate query would be

INSERT INTO table (a,b,c) VALUES (1,2,3),(4,5,6)


Here is my current code which is very slow :-(

// FIXME -- this is slow but will stop repeats, an insertOrUpdate
// functions for a list would be much better
val rowsInserted = rows.map {
  row => await(run(TableQuery[FooTable].insertOrUpdate(row)))

What I am looking for is the equivalent of

def insertOrUpdate(values: Iterable[U]): DriverAction[MultiInsertResult, NoStream, Effect.Write]

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There are several ways that you can make this code faster (each one should be faster than the preceding ones, but it gets progressively less idiomatic-slick):

  • Run insertOrUpdateAll instead of insertOrUpdate if on slick-pg 0.16.1+

    await(run(TableQuery[FooTable].insertOrUpdateAll rows)).sum
  • Run your DBIO events all at once, rather than waiting for each one to commit before you run the next:

    val toBeInserted = rows.map { row => TableQuery[FooTable].insertOrUpdate(row) }
    val inOneGo = DBIO.sequence(toBeInserted)
    val dbioFuture = run(inOneGo)
    // Optionally, you can add a `.transactionally`
    // and / or `.withPinnedSession` here to pin all of these upserts
    // to the same transaction / connection
    // which *may* get you a little more speed:
    // val dbioFuture = run(inOneGo.transactionally)
    val rowsInserted = await(dbioFuture).sum
  • Drop down to the JDBC level and run your upsert all in one go (idea via this answer):

    val SQL = """INSERT INTO table (a,b,c) VALUES (?, ?, ?)
    SimpleDBIO[List[Int]] { session =>
      val statement = session.connection.prepareStatement(SQL)
      rows.map { row =>
        statement.setInt(1, row.a)
        statement.setInt(2, row.b)
        statement.setInt(3, row.c)
  • Cool. Thank you especially for the second technique. I did not know about that
    – opus111
    Jan 26, 2016 at 12:17
  • Just to doublecheck: the first solution is not inserting in batch, is it? It looks like it's doing all inserts in parallel bot not batched, isn't it?
    – ignasi35
    May 30, 2016 at 9:42
  • 3
    +1 for .transactionally - this alone improved performance inserting 50,000 rows from 3 minutes to 1 minute.
    – Matt
    Sep 11, 2017 at 9:47
  • 1
    Since slick-pg 0.16.1 there is a .insertOrUpdateAll for bulk upserts with Slick & postgresql
    – dtech
    Sep 11, 2018 at 10:30
  • 1
    I dont find insertOrUpdateAll method in slick 3.3.2?
    – thedevd
    Sep 23, 2020 at 8:37

As you can see at Slick examples, you can use ++= function to insert using JDBC batch insert feature. Per instance:

val foos = TableQuery[FooTable]
val rows: Seq[Foo] = ...
foos ++= rows // here slick will use batch insert

You can also "size" you batch by "grouping" the rows sequence:

val batchSize = 1000
rows.grouped(batchSize).foreach { group => foos ++= group }
  • 17
    Thanks, but I don't think ++= does insertOrUpdate. I believe it is just insert, and in my case will throw an integrity exception if there is a duplicate row
    – opus111
    Jan 26, 2016 at 12:20

use sqlu

this demo work

case ("insertOnDuplicateKey",answers:List[Answer])=>{
  def buildInsert(r: Answer): DBIO[Int] =
    sqlu"insert into answer (aid,bid,sbid,qid,ups,author,uid,nick,pub_time,content,good,hot,id,reply,pic,spider_time) values (${r.aid},${r.bid},${r.sbid},${r.qid},${r.ups},${r.author},${r.uid},${r.nick},${r.pub_time},${r.content},${r.good},${r.hot},${r.id},${r.reply},${r.pic},${r.spider_time}) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `aid`=values(aid),`bid`=values(bid),`sbid`=values(sbid),`qid`=values(qid),`ups`=values(ups),`author`=values(author),`uid`=values(uid),`nick`=values(nick),`pub_time`=values(pub_time),`content`=values(content),`good`=values(good),`hot`=values(hot),`id`=values(id),`reply`=values(reply),`pic`=values(pic),`spider_time`=values(spider_time)"
  val inserts: Seq[DBIO[Int]] = answers.map(buildInsert)
  val combined: DBIO[Seq[Int]] = DBIO.sequence(inserts)
    println("insertOnDuplicateKey data result",data.get.mkString)
    if (data.isSuccess){
      val lastid=answers.last.id
      Sync.lastActor !("upsert",tablename,lastid)
      self !("insertOnDuplicateKey",answers)

and i try to use sqlu in a single sql but error maybe sqlu dont supply String Interpolation

this demo dont work

case ("insertOnDuplicateKeyError",answers:List[Answer])=>{
  def buildSql(execpre:String,values: String,execafter:String): DBIO[Int] = sqlu"$execpre $values $execafter"
  val execpre="insert into answer (aid,bid,sbid,qid,ups,author,uid,nick,pub_time,content,good,hot,id,reply,pic,spider_time)  values "
  val execafter=" ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE  `aid`=values(aid),`bid`=values(bid),`sbid`=values(sbid),`qid`=values(qid),`ups`=values(ups),`author`=values(author),`uid`=values(uid),`nick`=values(nick),`pub_time`=values(pub_time),`content`=values(content),`good`=values(good),`hot`=values(hot),`id`=values(id),`reply`=values(reply),`pic`=values(pic),`spider_time`=values(spider_time)"
  val valuesstr=answers.map(row=>("("+List(row.aid,row.bid,row.sbid,row.qid,row.ups,"'"+row.author+"'","'"+row.uid+"'","'"+row.nick+"'","'"+row.pub_time+"'","'"+row.content+"'",row.good,row.hot,row.id,row.reply,row.pic,"'"+row.spider_time+"'").mkString(",")+")")).mkString(",\n")
  val insertOrUpdateAction=DBIO.seq(
    if (data.isSuccess){
      println("insertOnDuplicateKey data result",data)
      val lastid=answers.last.id
      Sync.lastActor !("upsert",tablename,lastid)
      self !("insertOnDuplicateKey2",answers)

a mysql sync tool with scala slick https://github.com/cclient/ScalaMysqlSync

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