Is SDL_GetMouseState function thread safe?

And in the example of SDL_GetMouseState, the SDL_PumpEvents, which is known to be thread-unsafe, is used. If SDL_GetMouseState is thread-safe, do I have to use SDL_PumpEvents which is thread-unsafe with it to make it properly working?


The code of this function is:

SDL_GetMouseState(int *x, int *y)
    SDL_Mouse *mouse = SDL_GetMouse();

    if (x) {
        *x = mouse->x;
    if (y) {
        *y = mouse->y;
    return mouse->buttonstate;

And SDL_GetMouse just returns address of static global variable. Hence, there is nothing unsafe with it, but there is no atomicity.

However events are processed separately. If you don't prcess events, mouse structure wouldn't update and SDL_GetMouseState will give you outdated values. Documentation explicitly states you should call SDL_PumpEvents only in graphics thread (the one that initialised graphics system).

Worst case scenario is you reading vales from SDL_GetMouseState while other thread updates it. You could read old value, new value, or even a mix of two (e.g. x from new but y from old).

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