Perl 6 has great builtin command-line parsing via MAIN. However, I faced a problem which seems to be trivial, but I cannot figure it out.

A simple MAIN:

sub MAIN(Int :n(:$num)) {
    say "You passed: " ~ $num;

Then I can call my script as:

$ ./test.p6 -n=1


$ ./test.p6 --num=1

But can't with:

$ ./test.p6 -n 1  # or even -n1


$ ./test.p6 --num 1

I went through the design document for MAIN with no luck. How can I make this work?

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2023 update This was resolved in 2021. See @librasteve's comment.

[I've deleted all of the rest of this answer except info that might still be still salient for readers with other issues with command line options.]

For your convenience, here are the other two extant bug reports I found for MAIN: Usage does not print required type for positional params in MAIN and fail to handle numbers as option name for MAIN.

Maybe use an options module such as Getopt::Long?


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