Is there any command in the Perl6 Rakudo distribution which lists all the installed modules on the system?

I tried the following command:

 p6doc NativeCall

and get the following error :

Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Uninstantiable)

but when I write a p6 file which contains :

use  NativeCall;

it compiles with no problem.

How can I browse for such a Perl 6 module (like perldoc for Perl 5) and how can I list all the installed Perl 6 modules?

  • p6doc NativeCall provide this message on Windows :===SORRY!=== Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Uninstantiable) even its installed – smith Jan 26 '16 at 17:29
  • sorry its NativeCall but i still get the same error :( – smith Jan 26 '16 at 17:39

The module manager is zef, not p6doc

p6doc ... is meant for managing (searching/displaying) documentation not for managing modules.

zef should already be installed on your system. If not, install it from its github repo.

The error message you got from p6doc suggests something is borked in your installation. I think it's most likely something not worth chasing for another month so I suggest you ignore it for a month, make sure you're running an up-to-date Perl 6 distribution (eg the latest Rakudo Star), and then, if it's still around, consider speaking up about it on #perl6 and mentioning this closed bug report.



zef is your (best) friend in Perl6 universe.

zef --help

will give you any information you have ever wish aboutZef and how to use it and therefore any information about any installed modules.

zef list --installed

If you are looking for a specific module, you can use:

zef search module

in the list returned, you'll see in the first lines:

Zef::Repository::LocalCache... Module

which gives you a list of installed modules related to your question.

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