I have a rails application which use AngularJS and I have a problem, the problem is that I want redirect to a certain state after a form is submited, but in the chrome's console I have a ReferenceError: $state is not defined and nothing happens.

state error

This is my controller.


.controller('CreatePollCtrl', ['$scope', 'Restangular', '$state',
function($scope, Restangular) {

  $scope.addPoll = function() {
    if ($scope.allow_anonymous_answer == null)
      $scope.allow_anonymous_answer = false

    var poll = {title: $scope.title, description: $scope.description, allow_anonymous_answer: $scope.allow_anonymous_answer, initial_message: $scope.initial_message, final_message: $scope.final_message};
    Restangular.all('polls').post(poll).then(function(response) {

What can I do?, is $state correctly injected?

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you forgot add $state to function()


.controller('CreatePollCtrl', ['$scope', 'Restangular', '$state',
function($scope, Restangular, $state) {
  • LOL, I think I tried that, but didn't work, I think I should have reset the server to work...
    – Patricio S
    Commented Jan 26, 2016 at 19:32

Add $state as a parameter to your function, like $scope.addPoll = function($state) {...}

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