I have a node app which got a lot of ES6 code and wouldn't run below node version 5.0.0. I have to deploy it on Openshift but its node-cartridge has a very old version of node. Is there a way to deploy my code on Openshift without re-writing it in ES5?

This is the link in OpenShift that allows you to use the latest Node.JS versions. It is available up to 5.11 at this time, as is specified at https://semver.io/node/stable.


If you would like to upgrade the version of nodejs there is already a topic on this here Can Node.JS on OpenShift be upgraded?. We have shared a few custom cartridges that may work in your case.

Try ramr's nodejs-custom-version-openshift repo: https://github.com/ramr/nodejs-custom-version-openshift

It includes some scripts for installing nodejs locally during the build process.

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