I uploaded my app to the market last night, and after an hour or so it showed 107 installs, 88 active, 2 comments. It still says that (12+ hours later), even though when I click comments there are 10+. How often do the statistics update? Is there any way to update them manually?

  • I think it's every 24 hours. If it's a paid app you can get more recent information from the orders inbox on Google Checkout. – Dan Dyer Aug 17 '10 at 14:03
  • I'll monitor the situation and let you know. – fredley Aug 17 '10 at 18:57

I personally would guess for once in 24 hours. It may once in 12 hours but I'm not sure and I don't now if there are better informations on this.

  • I guess the same. The comments/rating updates more often, but thats just a feeling. The statistic update itself is not at the same time, again just a feeling. – WarrenFaith Aug 17 '10 at 13:55
  • From personal experience, I would say its ever 24 hours, I wish it was atleast every 12 or 4 hours. – Jared Burrows Apr 16 '12 at 23:39

By now it takes about 3 days for me to update data.

This is an example from my app: Example: Finger Wars app statistics

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