I'm attempting to install GCC 4.5.1 on my Apache server, but it says there is no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH. Any suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

When I use echo $PATH it prints:


These are the commands I used to configure GCC:

sudo mkdir /usr/bin/gcc/
cd /usr/bin/gcc/
sudo /gcc-4.5.1/configure

These are the results of those commands:

checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
checking host system type... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
checking target system type... x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
checking for a BSD-compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c
checking whether ln works... yes
checking whether ln -s works... yes
checking for a sed that does not truncate output... /bin/sed
checking for gawk... no
checking for mawk... mawk
checking for gcc... no
checking for cc... no
checking for cl.exe... no
configure: error: in '/usr/bin/gcc:'`
configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
See 'config.log' for more details.

The file config.log contains:

This file contains any messages produced by compilers while running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

It was created by configure, which was generated by GNU Autoconf 2.64. Invocation command line was

$ /gcc-4.5.1/configure




hostname = wordpress-juicesite uname -m = x86_64 uname -r = 2.6.31-302-rs uname -s = Linux uname -v = #7 SMP Thu Oct 29 22:57:03 UTC 2009

/usr/bin/uname -p = unknown /bin/uname -X = unknown

/bin/arch = unknown /usr/bin/arch -k = unknown /usr/convex/getsysinfo = unknown /usr/bin/hostinfo = unknown /bin/machine = unknown /usr/bin/oslevel = unknown /bin/universe = unknown

PATH: /usr/local/sbin PATH: /usr/local/bin PATH: /usr/sbin PATH: /usr/bin PATH: /sbin PATH: /bin PATH: /usr/X11R6/bin


Core tests.


configure:2429: checking build system type configure:2443: result: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu configure:2490: checking host system type configure:2503: result: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu configure:2523: checking target system type configure:2536: result: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu configure:2590: checking for a BSD-compatible install configure:2658: result: /usr/bin/install -c configure:2669: checking whether ln works configure:2691: result: yes configure:2695: checking whether ln -s works configure:2699: result: yes configure:2706: checking for a sed that does not truncate output configure:2770: result: /bin/sed configure:2779: checking for gawk configure:2809: result: no configure:2779: checking for mawk configure:2795: found /usr/bin/mawk configure:2806: result: mawk configure:4039: checking for gcc configure:4069: result: no configure:4132: checking for cc configure:4179: result: no configure:4235: checking for cl.exe configure:4265: result: no configure:4289: error: in /usr/bin/gcc': configure:4292: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH Seeconfig.log' for more details.


Cache variables.


ac_cv_build=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu ac_cv_env_AR_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_AR_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_AR_set= ac_cv_env_AR_value= ac_cv_env_AS_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_AS_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_AS_set= ac_cv_env_AS_value= ac_cv_env_CCC_set= ac_cv_env_CCC_value= ac_cv_env_CC_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_CC_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_CC_set= ac_cv_env_CC_value= ac_cv_env_CFLAGS_set= ac_cv_env_CFLAGS_value= ac_cv_env_CPPFLAGS_set= ac_cv_env_CPPFLAGS_value= ac_cv_env_CPP_set= ac_cv_env_CPP_value= ac_cv_env_CXXFLAGS_set= ac_cv_env_CXXFLAGS_value= ac_cv_env_CXX_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_CXX_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_CXX_set= ac_cv_env_CXX_value= ac_cv_env_DLLTOOL_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_DLLTOOL_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_DLLTOOL_set= ac_cv_env_DLLTOOL_value= ac_cv_env_GCC_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_GCC_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_GCJ_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_GCJ_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_GFORTRAN_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_GFORTRAN_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_set= ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_value= ac_cv_env_LD_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_LD_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_LD_set= ac_cv_env_LD_value= ac_cv_env_LIBS_set= ac_cv_env_LIBS_value= ac_cv_env_LIPO_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_LIPO_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_LIPO_set= ac_cv_env_LIPO_value= ac_cv_env_NM_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_NM_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_NM_set= ac_cv_env_NM_value= ac_cv_env_OBJCOPY_set= ac_cv_env_OBJCOPY_value= ac_cv_env_OBJDUMP_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_OBJDUMP_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_OBJDUMP_set= ac_cv_env_OBJDUMP_value= ac_cv_env_RANLIB_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_RANLIB_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_RANLIB_set= ac_cv_env_RANLIB_value= ac_cv_env_STRIP_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_STRIP_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_STRIP_set= ac_cv_env_STRIP_value= ac_cv_env_WINDMC_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_WINDMC_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_WINDMC_set= ac_cv_env_WINDMC_value= ac_cv_env_WINDRES_FOR_TARGET_set= ac_cv_env_WINDRES_FOR_TARGET_value= ac_cv_env_WINDRES_set= ac_cv_env_WINDRES_value= ac_cv_env_build_alias_set= ac_cv_env_build_alias_value= ac_cv_env_host_alias_set= ac_cv_env_host_alias_value= ac_cv_env_target_alias_set= ac_cv_env_target_alias_value= ac_cv_host=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu ac_cv_path_SED=/bin/sed ac_cv_path_install='/usr/bin/install -c' ac_cv_prog_AWK=mawk ac_cv_target=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu acx_cv_prog_LN=ln


Output variables.


AR='' AR_FOR_BUILD='$(AR)' AR_FOR_TARGET='' AS='' AS_FOR_BUILD='$(AS)' AS_FOR_TARGET='' AWK='mawk' BISON='' BUILD_CONFIG='' CC='' CC_FOR_BUILD='$(CC)' CC_FOR_TARGET='' CFLAGS='' CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD='' CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET='' COMPILER_AS_FOR_TARGET='' COMPILER_LD_FOR_TARGET='' COMPILER_NM_FOR_TARGET='' CONFIGURE_GDB_TK='' CPP='' CPPFLAGS='' CXX='' CXXFLAGS='' CXXFLAGS_FOR_BUILD='' CXXFLAGS_FOR_TARGET='' CXX_FOR_BUILD='$(CXX)' CXX_FOR_TARGET='' DEBUG_PREFIX_CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET='' DEFS='' DLLTOOL='' DLLTOOL_FOR_BUILD='$(DLLTOOL)' DLLTOOL_FOR_TARGET='' ECHO_C='' ECHO_N='-n' ECHO_T='' EGREP='' EXEEXT='' EXPECT='' FLAGS_FOR_TARGET='' FLEX='' GCC_FOR_TARGET='' GCC_SHLIB_SUBDIR='' GCJ_FOR_BUILD='$(GCJ)' GCJ_FOR_TARGET='' GDB_TK='' GFORTRAN_FOR_BUILD='$(GFORTRAN)' GFORTRAN_FOR_TARGET='' GNATBIND='' GNATMAKE='' GREP='' INSTALL_DATA='${INSTALL} -m 644' INSTALL_GDB_TK='' INSTALL_PROGRAM='${INSTALL}' INSTALL_SCRIPT='${INSTALL}' LD='' LDFLAGS='' LDFLAGS_FOR_BUILD='' LD_FOR_BUILD='$(LD)' LD_FOR_TARGET='' LEX='' LIBOBJS='' LIBS='' LIPO='' LIPO_FOR_TARGET='' LN='ln' LN_S='ln -s' LTLIBOBJS='' M4='' MAINT='' MAINTAINER_MODE_FALSE='' MAINTAINER_MODE_TRUE='' MAKEINFO='' NM='' NM_FOR_BUILD='$(NM)' NM_FOR_TARGET='' OBJCOPY='' OBJDUMP='' OBJDUMP_FOR_TARGET='' OBJEXT='' PACKAGE_BUGREPORT='' PACKAGE_NAME='' PACKAGE_STRING='' PACKAGE_TARNAME='' PACKAGE_URL='' PACKAGE_VERSION='' PATH_SEPARATOR=':' RANLIB='' RANLIB_FOR_BUILD='$(RANLIB)' RANLIB_FOR_TARGET='' RAW_CXX_FOR_TARGET='' RPATH_ENVVAR='' RUNTEST='' SED='/bin/sed' SHELL='/bin/bash' STRIP='' STRIP_FOR_TARGET='' SYSROOT_CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET='' TOPLEVEL_CONFIGURE_ARGUMENTS='/gcc-4.5.1/configure' WINDMC='' WINDMC_FOR_BUILD='$(WINDMC)' WINDMC_FOR_TARGET='' WINDRES='' WINDRES_FOR_BUILD='$(WINDRES)' WINDRES_FOR_TARGET='' YACC='' ac_ct_CC='' ac_ct_CXX='' bindir='${exec_prefix}/bin' build='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' build_alias='' build_configargs='' build_configdirs='build-libiberty build-texinfo build-byacc build-flex build-bison build-m4 build-fixincludes' build_cpu='x86_64' build_libsubdir='build-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' build_noncanonical='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' build_os='linux-gnu' build_subdir='build-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' build_tooldir='' build_vendor='unknown' clooginc='' clooglibs='' compare_exclusions='' config_shell='/bin/bash' configdirs='intl mmalloc libiberty opcodes bfd readline tcl tk itcl libgui zlib libcpp libdecnumber gmp mpfr mpc ppl cloog libelf libiconv texinfo byacc flex bison binutils gas ld fixincludes gcc cgen sid sim gdb make patch prms send-pr gprof etc expect dejagnu ash bash bzip2 m4 autoconf automake libtool diff rcs fileutils shellutils time textutils wdiff find uudecode hello tar gzip indent recode release sed utils guile perl gawk findutils gettext zip fastjar gnattools' datadir='${datarootdir}' datarootdir='${prefix}/share' do_compare='' docdir='${datarootdir}/doc/${PACKAGE}' dvidir='${docdir}' exec_prefix='NONE' extra_host_libiberty_configure_flags='' extra_mpc_gmp_configure_flags='' extra_mpc_mpfr_configure_flags='' extra_mpfr_configure_flags='' gmpinc='' gmplibs='' host='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' host_alias='' host_configargs='' host_cpu='x86_64' host_noncanonical='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' host_os='linux-gnu' host_subdir='.' host_vendor='unknown' htmldir='${docdir}' includedir='${prefix}/include' infodir='${datarootdir}/info' libdir='${exec_prefix}/lib' libelfinc='' libelflibs='' libexecdir='${exec_prefix}/libexec' localedir='${datarootdir}/locale' localstatedir='${prefix}/var' mandir='${datarootdir}/man' oldincludedir='/usr/include' pdfdir='${docdir}' poststage1_ldflags='' poststage1_libs='' pplinc='' ppllibs='' prefix='NONE' program_transform_name='s,y,y,' psdir='${docdir}' sbindir='${exec_prefix}/sbin' sharedstatedir='${prefix}/com' stage1_cflags='' stage1_checking='' stage1_languages='' stage1_ldflags='' stage1_libs='' stage2_werror_flag='' sysconfdir='${prefix}/etc' target='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' target_alias='' target_configargs='' target_configdirs='target-libgcc target-libiberty target-libgloss target-newlib target-libgomp target-libstdc++-v3 target-libmudflap target-libssp target-libgfortran target-boehm-gc target-libffi target-zlib target-qthreads target-libjava target-libobjc target-libada target-examples target-groff target-gperf target-rda' target_cpu='x86_64' target_noncanonical='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' target_os='linux-gnu' target_subdir='x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu' target_vendor='unknown' tooldir=''


File substitutions.


alphaieee_frag='' host_makefile_frag='/dev/null' ospace_frag='' serialization_dependencies='' target_makefile_frag=''




/* confdefs.h */

define PACKAGE_NAME ""





define PACKAGE_URL ""

configure: exit 1

  • Side note: It looks rather strange that you create a /usr/bin/gcc directory. Are you sure you want to create a directory there? Also, it would most probably be easier to install a binary package than to compile it from source. Preferably use the systems package management software to do it.
    – sth
    Aug 17, 2010 at 14:05
  • Thanks sth! Where would you say is a better place to create the gcc directory?
    – user374372
    Aug 18, 2010 at 13:00

1 Answer 1


Are you trying to build gcc from source ? Then you need a compiler to compile it.. (that's a Catch 22...).

Can't you install a binary package with the compiler already compiled ?

  • Thank you so much, Andre and sth!
    – user374372
    Aug 18, 2010 at 12:58
  • If you tell use which type of Linux distribution you are using (ubuntu, CentOS etc.) people might be able to tell you the command to install a pre-compiled version of gcc. (I assume you're using Linux by looking at the output of uname -s above) Aug 18, 2010 at 14:59
  • I'm using Ubuntu. That would be super helpful!
    – user374372
    Aug 18, 2010 at 15:03
  • 2
    From the command line, try sudo apt-get install gcc . Although I think the directory /usr/bin/gcc/ which you seem to have made initially will be in the way, so you probably have to rename the directory before installing gcc. Aug 18, 2010 at 16:02

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