On my Linux server, I have 2 Linux users:

  • Jim - maintains a central framework repository that other users use, including some 3rd party open source libraries such as Jobby.
  • Rob - uses the framework maintained by Jim to do specific work.

Jobby is a PHP cron management script that creates a lock file at /tmp/xxxxx.lck for each job / process that's been started.

Before Rob came in, Jim used to do all the stuff including both the central framework AND the specific work. Therefore the cron script will be run as Jim and the lock file will be created and owned by Jim thus the script reads the lock file no problem.

However, when Rob came in and took over the specific work, the cron script by Rob is run as Rob which calls the Jobby library owned by Jim. The lock file is thus created and owned by Jim. Now the cron script by Rob can't read the lock file created by Jim and keeps giving the Jobby error:

ERROR: Unable to open file (File: /tmp/xxxx.lck).

Basically, script A (Rob) calls script B (Jim) which creates /tmp/xxxx.lck (-rw-r--r-- 1 Jim Jim), is there any secure way to make script A (Rob) able to read /tmp/xxxx.lck?

But ain't the permissions (-rw-r--r--) all right since it allows anyone to read the file? That's really odd.

Then why is Jobby giving this error?


It occurs to me when I'm writing this question that I should find out why Jobby is throwing this error in the first place. And I found this:

public function acquireLock($lockfile)
    if (array_key_exists($lockfile, $this->lockHandles)) {
        throw new Exception("Lock already acquired (Lockfile: $lockfile).");

    if (!file_exists($lockfile) && !touch($lockfile)) {
        throw new Exception("Unable to create file (File: $lockfile).");

    $fh = fopen($lockfile, "r+");
    if ($fh === false) {
        throw new Exception("Unable to open file (File: $lockfile).");

    $attempts = 5;
    while ($attempts > 0) {
        if (flock($fh, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB)) {
            $this->lockHandles[$lockfile] = $fh;
            ftruncate($fh, 0);
            fwrite($fh, getmypid());

    throw new InfoException("Job is still locked (Lockfile: $lockfile)!");

So it is asking for both reading and writing permissions of the lock file.

Since the lock file is (-rw-r--r-- 1 Jim Jim) script of Rob won't be able to write to it --- I guess this is the problem?

But why does Jobby creates the file as Jim but opens it as Rob?

Is there any way I can make it both creates and then opens the file as Rob?


This is awkward. Seems /tmp/xxxx.lck was originally created by Jim before Rob came in.

So all I need is to delete the file /tmp/xxxx.lck as Jim. Now when Rob runs his script, the same lock file will be created as Rob and everything's all right again.

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