I am using Plone 5, I have a site created that is public and I want to convert it to intranet, I have installed the Workflow addon but I can't seem to find a way to apply the intranet policy to the site I already created. Does anyone know what am I doing wrong ?

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    You don't need any "workflow addon". You probably installed the local worfklow policy support but it's not needed to switch a Plone default workflow policy
    – keul
    Jan 27, 2016 at 17:06
  • Could Dan's answer help you further? Feel free to reask, if anything's unclear.
    – Ida
    Feb 2, 2016 at 10:18

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You should be able to change the Workflow under "Content Settings" in the Plone Control Panel.

URL: site.com/@@content-controlpanel

then leave the top drop down menu set as "(default)" and update the "New workflow" drop down menu to the one you want.


Plone ships with an "intranet_workflow", which you can choose and apply like described in Dan's answer.

However, this workflow might be too complex, depending on your usecase.

A very simple solution to create a basic intranet is, to set a folder's state to private and grant view-permissions via the sharing-tab of the folder to the group "Authenticated users" or a group of your choice.

You'll probably want to grant add-permissions, too, and if you want users be able to edit each other's articles, grant edit-permissions, as well.

The review-permissions should better not be granted, so articles will not accidentally be published, and you might want adjust your workflow to have "private" as the initial state of articles.

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    This is almost always how I implement a simple "intranet" section of a Plone site. Feb 6, 2016 at 1:33

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