In Notepad++, how can I remove all entries that have the following structure.

EMAIL;INTERNET:[email protected]

Note: that [email protected] could be any email address.

I've exported a whole file of contacts in vcf format, and would like to remove the ones that have only EMAIL addresses without any phone number (like seen above).

Is there a way to do this in Notepad++? Maybe by using the Regex Search and Replace feature?

  • Can you provide an example with phone number that should not be matched? Jan 27, 2016 at 14:17

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will match vCards only if they don't contain a TEL entry.


(?s)          # Allow the dot to match newlines.
(?:           # Start non-capturing group.
 (?!          # Make sure we're not able to match either
  END:VCARD   # the text "END:VCARD" (we don't want to match beyond the end)
 |            # or
  \bTEL\b     # "TEL" (because we don't want them to be in the match).
 )            # End of lookahead.
 .            # Match any character (if the preceding condition is fulfilled),
)*            # repeat as needed.

I'm assuming that all the vCards have at least an email address in them, or do you also need to filter for those?


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