I'm trying to do this and failing:

std::istringstream ss("1212");
ss >> std::get_time(&t, "%y%m");
if (ss.fail()) // every time!

this works ok:

std::istringstream ss("12-12");
ss >> std::get_time(&t, "%y-%m");

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong? what can i use otherwise as windows doesnt appear to have a srtptime

windows/vs13 TIA

  • Doesn't work in VS2015 either.
    – Simple
    Jan 27, 2016 at 15:35

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Visual Studio does not seem to implement the spec properly, nor did GCC until version 5.0. If you continue to use std::get_time with VS13 or even VS15, you will need to manually add delimiters to be able to parse times until they finally get around to realizing this bug.

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