I am pretty new to Hibernate / Java (JSF 2.0) and I am attempting to call a custom query and read the results into an object that I have created Logins. Logins has two setter functions, setLoginDate(Date date) and setUserId(Integer userId) my function looks like so, The issue I am having is how to transform the result set and read in the appropriate values into a temp loginList

public List<Logins> getUserLogins() {

     Session session = getSessionFactory().openSession();
     List<Logins> loginList = null;
     Login temp = null;

     try {

         String SQL_QUERY = "SELECT login_date, user_id FROM user_logins";
         Query query = session.createSQLQuery(SQL_QUERY);

         List results = query.list();
         for(ListIterator iter = results.listIterator(); iter.hasNext(); ) {

              ** THIS IS THE PART I AM NOT CLEAR ON ***

              temp = null;


              return loginList;

     } catch(HibernateException e) {
         throw new PersistanceDaoException(e);
     } finally {


missing part:

      Object[] row = (Object[]) iter.next();
      temp = new Login();

you may need to cast row[i] to your target object for example if login date is a date object: temp.setLoginDate((Date) row[0]);

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for a better solution, try to use ResultTransformer you can find more about ResultTransformer in Hibernate Docs.

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    Awesome! Actually I like the first answer better, it was what I was looking for (I wanted the actual values not to translate to another *&#$&*^$ hibernate object) – jsh Dec 30 '11 at 17:07

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