I'm trying to use an IntStream to instantiate a stream of objects:

Stream<MyObject> myObjects = 
        .range(0, count)
        .map(id -> new MyObject(id));

But it says that it cannot convert MyObject to int.

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The IntStream class's map method maps ints to more ints, with a IntUnaryOperator (int to int), not to objects.

Generally, all streams' map method maps the type of the stream to itself, and mapToXyz maps to a different type.

Try the mapToObj method instead, which takes an IntFunction (int to object) instead.

.mapToObj(id -> new MyObject(id));
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    Or .mapToObj(MyObject::new)
    – Holger
    Jan 28, 2016 at 9:57
Stream stream2 = intStream.mapToObj( i -> new ClassName(i));

This will convert the intstream to Stream of specified object type, mapToObj accepts a function.

There is method intStream.boxed() to convert intStream directly to Stream<Integer>

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