When I try to upload my iOS + apple watch app to iTunes using Application Loader, I get the error message

ERROR ITMS-90595: "Unsupported Key. The Info.plist of bundle Watchless.app/Watch/WatchlessWatchApp.app/PlugIns/WatchlessWatchApp Extension.appex may not contain the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key."

Info.plist contains


which I think is absolutely necessary because both, watch app and iOS app depend heavily on HealthKit.

The entry is generated when I turn on the HealthKit capability of the watch extension target.

I am running out of ideas what to change.

Using XCode 7.2, Application Loader 3.4


UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities are just your way of saying "I don't want to be installed on device without this functionality".

Removing this will not affect your Watch extension using HealthKit.

Just remove the UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities from the plist in your extension and it should be fine.

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