In a previous project I was able to clone a third party GIT repo into my project repo. I then added the cloned repo and committed the changes to my project repo. That way I was able to keep the cloned repo up to date via git pull in the cloned repo folder, and also able to modify files in it and to commit them to my own project repo.

I have tried to replicate this in a new project and I am facing a strange issue. Basically I follow the same steps (in this case the cloned repo is another project of mine) but when I add the cloned repo files to my own repo, the main repo recognizes the cloned one as a submodule (though no .gitmodules file is generated).

I compared the all the git related files and found no difference between the previous project and the current one. Then I cloned the same third party repo I used in the previous project (https://github.com/wymsee/cordova-HTTP.git) and I was able modify/add files and to commit them to my own repo. I can't see any difference between the third party repo I clone and my own project so I can't understand why the latter is treated as a submodule but the first isn't. Any ideas?

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