I have a vertically-scrolling UITextView that fills the width of the screen. I need the text view to have margins (contentInset) of 20 pixels on the left and the right. But for some reason, I can't get the right-hand margin to work, either in Interface Builder or in XCode.

The reason I can't just make the text view narrower is because I am adding a subview which needs to run the full width of the screen. Also, I can't turn subview clipping off, because it plays havoc with a load of other elements on the screen.

Anyone know why the contentInset property is not affecting the right margin?



You could add an intermediate view that can be the superview to your text view and what was previously it's subview.

New View with Frame(0,0,width,height)
 ->TextView with Frame(20,0,width-20,height)     
 ->Subview with Frame(0,0,width,height)
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    This won't make the subview scroll with the text view, which may be what is desired. I would've expected UIScrollView.contentInset to work, though. – tc. Aug 17 '10 at 23:34

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