I'm currently working on a deployment script to run as part of my GitLab CI setup. What I want is to copy a file from one location to another and rename it.

Now I want to be able to find what commit that file was generated with, so I'd like to add the hash of the commit to it.

For that to work I'd like to use something like this:

cp myLogFile.log /var/log/gitlab-runs/$COMMITHASH.log

The output should be a file named eg.


How is this possible to achieve using GitLab CI?


The variable you are looking for is CI_BUILD_REF which one of the predefined variables.

All predefined variables are listed here.

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    CI_BUILD_REF was replaced by CI_COMMIT_SHA in 9.x – Der Hochstapler Oct 25 '17 at 12:07

In your example you used the short git hash that you would get with the predefined variable CI_COMMIT_SHA by building a substring like this:

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Since GitLab v11.7 you can use $CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA which returns the first eight characters of CI_COMMIT_SHA.

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