I have worked pretty a lot analyzing Android projects with different reverse engineering tools, generally for secure purposes, to see what can be seen by a hacker when he/she gets my app. I've met a problem that I couldn't find any of decompilers capable to decompile files of "XAPK" format (not simple APK). I know, asking for a way to find a tool is not kind of questions good for stack overflow, but I am pretty sure there are many people with the same problem and I find it highly relevant. I tried apk-tool, decompilers provided with androguard tool, online-decompilers, none of them are capable of working with XAPKs.

  • Is XAPK a proprietary format? I've never heard of it. – Antimony Jan 29 '16 at 1:51
  • @Antimony That's an apk file, wihch contains also obb file (opaque binary blob) related to an application in apk file. This kind of files are generally used by different apk-download sevices, like apkpure.com/xapk.htm – Jenya Pu Jan 30 '16 at 16:33
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The .xapk is just a ZIP file which contains the original .apk along with some other files. You can simply unzip the .xapk and decompile the .apk within.

For more details, there's Decompiling XAPK Files.

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