I want to replace first word in title to have <span></span> inside.

Example for Wordpress title

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="#">Welcome to Wordpress</a></h2>

I want to be like this

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="#"><span>Welcome</span> to Wordpress</a></h2>

the function

function span_on_title($span) {
 return preg_replace('', '', $span, 1);

May i know what to put on the preg_replace

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  $title = '<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="#">Welcome to Wordpress</a></h2>';

  $title = preg_replace('/<a([^>]+)>([a-zA-Z]+)\s/i', '<a$1><span>$2</span> ', $title);

  return $title;
  • hmmm.. nothing change when I put the code. I've update the_title format with hyperlink
    – iamafish
    Aug 17, 2010 at 21:48
  • 1
    @Michael - Not as you wrote it ;) ... You are missing $title as the 3rd argument of preg_replace ( php.net/manual/en/function.preg-replace.php ) - working example ==> codepad.org/LHkvfNIf Aug 17, 2010 at 22:03
  • @Michael actually this one worked, but need modify all template which have the the_title(). BTW thanks give me a clue. Good example.
    – iamafish
    Aug 17, 2010 at 22:44
  • No problem, happy to be able to help :) Aug 17, 2010 at 22:53

Add this to your functions.php file in your theme:

// Adds span around the first word of post titles
if ( ! is_admin(false) ) {
function brentini_span_post_title($span_title) {
$span_title = preg_replace('/(^[A-z0-9_]+)\s/i', '<span>$1</span> ', $span_title);
return $span_title;
add_filter('the_title', 'brentini_span_post_title');
elseif ( ! is_admin(true) ) {
remove_filter('the_title', 'brentini_span_post_title');

The output on the frontend for instance, will look like this:

<h2 class="entry-title"><a href="#"><span>Welcome</span> to Wordpress</a></h2>

But it won't be affected on the backend while viewing the posts table.

And then you can style it in your style.css like this for instance:

h2.entry-title span {color:#0531C2}

EDIT: added if else statement to adjust formatting for frontend theme only without adjusting backend theme. Seems to work just fine. If there is a better way, I'd love to hear it, Thanks!


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