I want to query my list of servers, but only return servers that match a pattern; reason for this is I want to contact a specific set of servers, for example: server_apisX, and server_uiX.

I tried slcli vs list -H myhostprefix but it only matches exact matches.


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Complementing the previous answer …

Please, try the following examples:

Hostname to test: “myhostname-vsi-test

  • Contains part of the hostname:

    slcli vs list –H “*=vsi”

  • Begins with:

    slcli vs lsit –H “^= myhost”

  • Ends with:

    slcli vs lsit –H “$= test”




slcli supports the use of filters. So you can do:

slcli vs list -H hostnameprefix\*

Just make sure to either quote or escape the special characters.

If you are curious, utils.py provides documentation about what filters can be used.

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