I have a really simple stored procedure in Azure SQL Database:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.spfindPartialIdentity 
    @ClientId nvarchar(50),
    @ExternalId nvarchar(250)

       ClientId, ExternalId 
       ClientId = @ClientId AND ExternalId = @ExternalId

and I invoke it using Dapper from my repository:

using (var conn = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ReportingDB"].ConnectionString))
    await conn.OpenAsync();
    var res = await conn.QueryAsync<PartialIdentity>("dbo.spfindPartialIdentity", 
                                                      new { ClientId = clientId, ExternalId = externalId }, 
                                                      commandType: CommandType.StoredProcedure, 
                                                      commandTimeout: GetCommandTimeout());

    return res.ToList();

Really straightforward. I works fine, BUT when the stored procedure returns no results I got a

'System.InvalidOperationException' in Dapper.dll, "No columns were selected"

exception when calling QueryAsync(). My DTO is really simple as well:

public class PartialIdentity
    public PartialIdentity(string clientId, string externalId)
        this.ClientId = clientId;
        this.ExternalId = externalId;

    public string ClientId { get; set; }
    public string ExternalId { get; set; }

I've tried QueryMultipleAsync() as well, same result.

What is the problem? Thanks in advance


It turned out to be bug in my SP, the Dapper code was just fine. The SP was actually a bit more complex (with a some nested IF-THEN-ELSE), and when no records matched the condition it did not do anything, did not return anything and the poor Dapper did not know how to map that to the DTO - hence the exception. Duh! Silly me! Documenting that in case someone else have a similar case.

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