I have several thousands of points to plot (about 10k) and I would like to plot them with Matlab but deciding a diferent size for each of the points (and a different color if possible). I tried to make a scatter plot for each point, but it is extremely slow compared to a single scatter call for all the points. Is there a way to plot several points in Matlab with different properties for each point, that works in a reasonable amount of time?

In case it is not possible to do it with Matlab, is there a way to do it with gnuplot?


scatter(x, y, a, c) takes arguments x and y, and then a for size, and c for colour. a can either be a single scalar, or a vector with a size for each (x,y) point. c can be an RGB triplet, or a vector, the same size as x and y. For example:

x = 1:4;
scatter(x, x, 10*x, x);

results in


So in your case, perhaps

scatter(xData, yData, [], 1:10000)

will result in your data having a different colour determined by its position in the data array.

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    Nice example! Better than the one based on random values that I was preparing :-) – Luis Mendo Jan 29 '16 at 1:37
  • @LuisMendo Thanks, only thing I was tempted to change with it is the colour of the last point a bit hard to see. – Lui Jan 29 '16 at 1:38

For gnuplot it's easy, suppose you write your datafile with 3 columns, all you have to do is

plot 'data.dat' u 1:2:3:3 with circles lc palette

HERE you can find some examples (for help type help circles).

If you want just what is called variable pointsize (pointsize is not related to the real axis) you can use:

plot 'data.dat' with points ps variable pt 7

HERE you can find some examples (for help type help pointsize).


For gnuplot you can combine pointsize variable and linecolor variable or linecolor palette:

set xrange [0:10]
set samples 21
plot '+' using 1:1:(0.2*$1):1 with point pointsize variable linecolor palette pt 7 notitle

enter image description here

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