I am attempting to JSON.stringify() the following key/value pair, where the value is an array of objects.

var string = JSON.stringify({onlineUsers : getUsersInRoom(users, room)});

This is incorrect and gives the following error:

var string = JSON.stringify({onlineUsers : getUsersInRoom(users, room)});


TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON

This is the method:

function getUsersInRoom(users, room) {
    var json = [];
    for (var i = 0; i < users.length; i++) {
        if (users[i].room === room) {

    return json;

Added users data structure:

     room:"room 1",
     client: {
     // etc

Added function to add user to users array.

function addUser(client) {
    var i = clients.indexOf(client);
    if (i > -1) {
            id : i,
            username : "",
            room : "",
            client : clients[i]

Added screen capture of JavaScript array containing an object as well as key/value pairs inside an object.

enter image description here

Added screen capture of the clients array containing WebSocket objects. enter image description here

How do I correctly "stringify" {key: arrayOfObjects[{key:value,key:{}},{},{}]}?

  • Can you please add your Client data structure as well. There must be something in your array that contains a circular reference. – Shaun Sharples Jan 29 '16 at 20:41
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var data = { };
data.onlineUsers = getUsersInRoom();

var string = JSON.stringify(data);

Would this work for you?


I just noticed your error is circular type, your user or room object is probably creating a circular reference.

User > Room > User > Room etc...

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