Recently, I begin to use Spring Boot for web app development.

This is my .properties file content:

#data source configuration

#jpa properties configuration

This part of my entity class:

@Table(name = "sample_info")
public class SampleInfo implements Serializable{

    private Long id;
    private String code;
    private Long serialNumber;

            strategy = GenerationType.SEQUENCE,
            generator = "sample_info_seq_gen"
            name = "sample_info_seq_gen",
            sequenceName = "sample_info_seq",
            allocationSize = 1
    @Column(name = "id")
    public Long getId() {
        return id;

    public void setId(Long id) { = id;

Based on .properties above, the issue is every time I try to save new SampleInfo using Spring Data JPA repository, i always get error sequence "sample_info_seq" not found.

If I comment spring.datasource.schema=sample and uncomment, everything works fine.

I do not know the differences between those two, anyone can help?

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spring.datasource.schema is used by Spring boot to load a file with sql into your database. If you use this Postgres will think you want to use the default 'public' schema. Tells Hibernate which schema in Postgres that you want to use. By setting this per your example, Postgres will use the 'sample' schema.

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