As shown in this image:

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I have a set of line segments. I want to check which line-segments intersect with the perpendicular line drawn from a given point (x0,y0).

(E.g.: AB passes the check and BC does not.)

The only information I've got is two points of the line-segment, (x1,y1), (x2,y2), and the target point (x0,y0).

Is it possible to derive a simple formula using these three points?

Thanks in advance.


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As background, if you need to, you can read up on dot product, its geometric interpretation, and in particular scalar projection.

Define the vectors v0=(x0,y0)-(x1,y1) and v2=(x2,y2)-(x1,y1).

Then the intersection point is

(x1,y1) + ((v0v2)/(v2v2))v2

The intersection point will be on the line segment if the scalar value (v0v2)/(v2v2) is between 0 and 1.


For a line AB and a point X, both angles, ABX and BAX must be acute (or right).

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