I have set up masonry to display items as such:

  itemSelector: '.propitem',
  columnWidth: 230

This works, but all items (.propitem) float to the left. For example if my container #list is 600px wide there will be two columns to the left but a gap to the right of them where the remaining 140px is. I would like to center the 2 columns with a 70px 'margin' on either side.

I have tried using css to centre these, but had no luck, eg:

#list {
text-align: center;

Would anyone know the correct way of achieving this?

  • you cannot center floated items.
    – Aziz
    Commented Jan 30, 2016 at 2:25
  • add padding instead margin, or reduce width of container (padding:0 70px; ?)
    – G-Cyrillus
    Commented Jan 30, 2016 at 2:49

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You need to use fitWidth (or, in older versions, isFitWidth) along with CSS to make it work. Here's the reference: http://masonry.desandro.com/options.html#isfitwidth

  itemSelector: '.propitem',
  columnWidth: 230,
  fitWidth: true


#list {
  margin: 0 auto;
  • O well, it certainly used to. :-(
    – ralph.m
    Commented Dec 26, 2018 at 22:08
  • 2
    Works well with version 4.1.x Commented Jul 28, 2019 at 10:53

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