I have a string IN-123456; now I need to trim the IN- from that string. I tried as in Oracle

select trim('IN-' from 'IN-123456) from dual;

but I get an error

ORA-30001: trim set should have only one character
30001. 00000 -  "trim set should have only one character"
*Cause:    Trim set contains more or less than 1 character. This is not
           allowed in TRIM function.

How can I solve this?


A simple replace wouldn't do the trick?

select replace('IN-123456', 'IN-', '') from dual;

Thanks for the result...

It can be solved with LTRIM() function


Clearly, TRIM is not the correct function for the job. You need to REPLACE the (sub)string IN- with nothing:

SELECT REPLACE('IN-123456', 'IN-') FROM dual;

Be aware that this will replace all occurrences of IN- anywhere in the string. If that's not appropriate, but the IN- will always be at the start of the string, then you could use SUBSTR instead:

SELECT SUBSTR('IN-123456', 4) FROM dual;

you just forget to complete single quote

select trim('IN-' from 'IN-123456') from dual;

now try this

  • Hi Gomzy, run with this code will get error in oracle,with using TRIM you can only trim a single character. – eldhoseeldhose Jan 30 '16 at 6:26

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